About Handel Vision Clinic

Handel Vision Clinic provides the highest quality, compassionate optometrist care to ensure your family enjoys a long, happy, and healthy life.

About Us

Handel Vision Clinic in Green, formerly Arlington Eye Care, has been owned by Dr. Thomas Handel since 1991 and has been in its current location at 919 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Road since 2000.

In 2004, an additional Handel Vision Clinic was created in Fairlawn. Tremendous growth encouraged the construction of our new facility which was completed in December of 2011. It is located at 270 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road.

Our practice continued to grow when we purchased Eyes 20/20, an optometric practice located in Newton Falls, in November 2017.  We are proud to be able to serve the Newton Falls community, as they were in danger of losing their only optometrist prior to the purchase. We are still located in the same office at 115 W. Broad St. In addition to upgrading the existing visual field machine, we are also able to add several of the most sophisticated instruments available including:

  • Optomap (digital retinal imaging

  • OCT (essential for evaluating glaucoma and retinal disease)

  • Corneal Topographer (measures the curvature of the front of the eye which aids in many ways including contact lens fitting)

  • MPOD (measures macular pigment for macular degeneration risk

  • Tear Lab (measures tear osmolarity which detects dry eye)

These advanced instruments are available in all three of our offices and are utilized to obtain complete and accurate results for both comprehensive eye examinations and problem-focused medical visits. All of our doctors are trained and experienced in detecting and treating a range of ocular diseases. From pink eye and allergies to diabetes and dry eye syndrome, rest assured that our primary goal is to help you maintain a lifetime of healthy eyes and clear vision! 

Whether you are interested in contact lenses or glasses, our friendly staff has been thoroughly trained to help you look (and see!) your best. Our dispensaries offer thousands of frame choices to fit every face and style. Stop in today to view our selection and schedule your annual eye exam! We look forward to seeing you soon!