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Guidelines to Successful Contact Lens Wear

If your eyes become red or painful, or if your vision is blurred, remove your lenses immediately and call our office.
Although contact lens wear is very safe, and sight threatening difficulties are very rare, many instances occur when lenses are worn after a person experiences the symptoms described above. Removal of your lenses until your eyes are not red and free of pain is important.

Own a pair of spectacles with your updated prescription that you feel comfortable wearing in public.
A fashionable pair of spectacles reduces your dependence on contact lenses. Many contact lens wearers will continue to wear their contact lenses when they should not because they do not have an alternate pair of spectacles they are willing to wear in public. Please keep in mind, periodic breaks from contact lens wear is beneficial.

Replace your lenses as prescribed.
Most infections occur when wearing old and/or dirty lenses. If you wait until they feel uncomfortable, you waited too long. Your lenses should be thrown away before they feel uncomfortable.

Your lenses should be discarded every__________________. Your lenses should be removed _________________.

Stay with the recommended solutions. Your care system is ________________________.

Your care system was chosen for its effectiveness, convenience and cost, with respect to type of contact lenses prescribed for you. Also, your environment and particular ocular characteristics were taken into consideration. Switching solutions can cause problems since some contact lens solution interact adversely with one another, may irritate your eyes, or may not be designed for the expected life of your lenses. If for some reason you wish to switch your solutions, please call the office as we would be happy to discuss the options available.

Replace your contact lens case every three months or sooner if it becomes dirty.
Investigators have isolated many different types of bacteria growing on patient’s contact lens cases. This can be a source of bacterial infection. Regular replacement eliminates this source of contamination.

Own a high quality pair of sunglasses.
Contact lens wear increases your sensitivity to light, therefore you will need sunglasses. A high quality pair of sunglasses eliminates this sensitivity while not blurring the good vision provided by your contact lenses.

Return for your follow up visits and yearly exam.
Many contact lens difficulties can be averted before they occur by periodic, preventative visits.

Added hints for success:

  • Try to wait one half hour before inserting your lenses after awakening.
  • Accidentally sleeping while wearing your daily wear lenses can cause them to “stick” to your eye. In this case, simply, insert a lubricating drop in your eyes, waiting until they “loosen”, then remove the lenses from your eye.
  • If you sleep in your extended wear lenses, put a lubricating drop in your eye before you go to sleep and when you wake up.

We want to promote safe and comfortable contact lens wear while providing clear vision. These guidelines will go a long way in ensuring a lifetime of safe contact lens wear. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call the Green office at 330-899-0202.