Atropine eye drops

Atropine eye drops

A non-lens treatment option that is offered through our Myopia Management Center is a drop therapy called atropine. Atropine, at a very low concentration, is dropped into both eyes at nighttime. The mechanism by which atropine slows the progression of myopia is unknown.

This drop concentration is low enough to not create any significant side effects yet strong enough to help reduce the progression of myopia by 50% over 5 years. Atropine can mildly dilate the pupil and relax the focusing mechanism inside the eye. It is a great option for younger children or those who are not quite ready for contact lens wear.

Since this method of treatment does not reshape the cornea, it still requires your child to wear their glasses throughout the day.

To learn more about these treatment options and discuss which method is right for your child, call our office and ask to schedule an appointment with our Myopia Management team!