Soft Lenses

Specialty soft contact lenses

Another myopia management option involves the fitting of specialty soft contact lenses. This originally began by using soft multifocal lenses that have a certain design that creates the same type of peripheral myopic distortion that is created with corneal molding lenses. These lenses are still used as an off-label treatment for myopia management and children have been studied to show 25% less progression over two years than those in standard single-vision lenses.

In addition to these multifocal lenses, our doctors are also certified to fit Coopervision MiSight lenses. This daily lens is the first soft contact that has been FDA-approved for myopia control and has been proven to slow myopia progression in children ages 8 to 12 at an average rate of 60% over 3 years.

These lenses work to simultaneously correct a child’s nearsighted prescription while also working to slow its progression. They must be worn throughout the day since they do not cause any type of eye reshaping like corneal molding lenses.