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We are pleased that you are considering our office for your vision needs. Our doctors utilize state of the art technology to examine and treat your eyes – so be assured that your eye exam will be thorough and accurate. In addition, our doctors are trained to detect and manage ocular diseases and problems related to diabetes, glaucoma and cataracts as well as the occasional eye infection.


Optikam IPad app for the iPad allows the optician to make hyper accurate measurement of your eyes and frame so that your prescription can be placed in the ideal position in your frame.

How it works:
  • Custom fit your framesWe adjust the frames of your choice to fit the unique contours of your face.
  • Attach the EY-StickOur EY-Stick attaches to your frames to provide clear guiding points for your measurements.
  • Capture digital measurements With the aid of the I-Pad the optician precisely measures the location of your pupils and spacing of your eyes relative to your frames.
  • Find your perfect fitWe determine the ideal placement of your prescription, down to a tenth of a millimeter, to make your glasses, and your vision, a perfect fit.

optikam IPad